4.7.20 - After the weather hid the Super Moon, I got very, very sad. My grief sent me to the internet. "It is the Super Moon, after all," I said, talking to myself. It could be like a reminder. Or maybe it could be the beginning of a new chapter or something like a touring beacon of hope. But when I found it on the internet, I found myself even more depressed. It was just a circle. Not like any other, but still, just a ring. I don't know what I was expecting. That, after all, is what the Moon is. "Surely, there must be something more," I thought out loud. Moments past. Then I came to the conclusion that perhaps the real problem might just be the Moon. It wasn't so much that I was disappointed with the Moon. It is beautiful. It was that it was in the way.

All along, space was what I wanted to see; that unfettered ineffable and infinite expanse. I proclaimed, "A live camera of space! That is it. Just space. That great big nothing, everything but us. That is what I'm after. That's what I've really been looking for all along." My attention re-focused, I took to the internet with a fervor. Sadly, I met only disappointment. All of my looking and I could find no live webcam just looking at space. Every live web camera in space had Earth in it. Why? Are we so self-important that when we put a live webcam in space, all we want to do is look back at ourselves? We are already here. Most of us get it. Perhaps there already is a live webcam of space, and I just did an awful job of looking. This is what I hope for. If you do know of one, please let me know, and I can end this campaign. Until this time, with great humility, I give you Space Cam, an artist’s impression (above). Perhaps not yet as calming as a live webcam of Earth or a live webcam of jellyfish backed by a synthesizer, but it, I think, is an earnest start. My greatest hope is that this will inspire the scientific and business community to reevaluate the direction of their live web cameras and consider turning just one at space.

Special thanks to: Alli Miller, Martin Dicicco, and Boa Simon